Crystal - "Selenite" Wands (Various Sizes)

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CRYSTAL Selenite
ORIGIN Morocco
$17 11.0-12.0cm (w) x 1.5-2.0cm (l) x 1.5-2.0cm (h) 085-095g
$22 15.0-16.0cm (w) x 1.5-2.0cm (l) x 1.5-2.0cm (h) 100-130g
$29 19.0-20.0cm (w) x 1.5-2.0cm (l) x 1.5-2.0cm (h) 100-130g

Selenite is a form of gypsum and is formed as an evaporate in clay beds and around hot springs. This crystal is used to provide clarity of the mind, expanding one’s awareness of the self and one’s surroundings, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening decisions. It can also be used to clear blockages of the chakras, clear negative energies, cleanse the aura and help heal the physical body. It has been used to decrease shyness and to aid in business pursuits as it gives one the required insight to adjudicate in disputes. It also has the ability to cleanse other crystals that are place on or near it. Physically, it can decrease epilepsy and seizures, help with cellular regeneration, correct skeletal disorders and extend one’s lifespan. Do not place this stone in water as it will dissolve!

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