Eternal Spirit is a small business that remains dedicated to serving people from all races, religions, identities, statuses and personal choices.



We have over 500+ different Oracle and Tarot cards to choose from



Over 200+ different Crystal bracelets to choose from

quality incense


By Organic Goodness



Inspired by Adele Basheer



Tibetan bowls, bells and accessories



We have over 100+ different Tumbled crystals to choose from


Eternal Spirit is a leading retailer of Alternative and Holistic products in South Australia, specialising in a wide range of Crystals, Crystal Jewellery, Tarot Cards, Salt Lamps, Singing Bowls and Personal Development Books.

We have been serving the spiritual community since 1997, developing a reputation as one of the best Crystal shops in Adelaide! With over 20 years experience, we've been perfecting the art of sourcing high quality, meticulously handpicked crystals ranging from tumbled stones, raw minerals, Amethyst caves, Moldavite, Shungite, and hundreds more!

For those looking to enhance their personal growth, we offer a range of spiritual books by popular authors such as Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, Wayne Dyer and Judy Hall.
Tarot card enthusiasts will find over 500 different Tarot and Oracle cards to choose from, as well as other divination tools such as Runes and Pendulums.

In addition, we also have a range of wellness and lifestyle products, inspirational gifts, Salt lamps, Incense, Singing bowls, and Essential oils.

Come visit us today and find what you're looking for!


Did you know that ALL of our crystals and jewellery have been meticulously chosen by our director who has visited the source in person, rather than ordering by phone or catalogue?
We take great pride in this selection process to ensure that we only offer our customers high-quality products as well as maintaining consistency and affordability!
Furthermore, we take that extra bit of time to capture informative photos and videos that accurately depict the details of the crystals, ensuring that they resemble as close as possible, to the in-store viewing experience!


The lotus flower, a true icon of the Eternal Spirit, serves as a symbol of hope and resilience for all. This magnificent flower reminds us to never give up, to rise above life's challenges and difficulties, just as it emerges unscathed from the murky depths of the pond to showcase its true beauty to the world.

At Eternal Spirit, we believe in the power of the lotus flower and our goal is to create a place that embodies this message. Our crystal shop in Adelaide is not just a place of beautiful crystals, but a sanctuary for personal growth and spiritual healing. Our aim is to provide a range of alternative and holistic products that will aid you on your journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

We invite you to come and experience the magic of Eternal Spirit for yourself.
Our door is always open to everyone from all walks of life and we are here to support you on your beautiful journey through life.



Palo Santo, also known as "Holy Wood", is a sacred tree that grows in South America.

Traditionally, the wood from these sweet scented trees were burnt by Shamans, Healers and Elders in ceremonies to dispel any bad spirits while also attracting positive energy.


White Sage is highly valued as a ceremonial and ritualistic plant due to its great energetic cleansing powers!

The sacred ritual of using a smudge stick comes from Native American tradition and can get rid of any bad energies and spirits around the home, person or objects.

There’s so many great things that I love about the Eternal spirit store! I’ve been shopping there for a few years now and have bought books, crystals and Tibetan bowls. Their range of books and card decks are huge, they have a wonderful range of Tibetan and crystal bowls and beautiful crystal jewellery. What I love the most is their tumbled crystal stones, they are the highest quality and the range is huge! Always my go to when I need to add a few stones to my collection. The service is always excellent too and the staff are always happy to help point you in the right direction or pass on knowledge and tips around crystals or anything else they stock. Love the store so much!
— Tania Y.
This is first time order and I really appreciate this shop and love it! I ordered online books and arrived within 2-3 days from Adelaide to Sydney. The books holds the fantastic aroma of incense. So when I open the envelope, I experienced such a blissful moment welcoming lovely new books. The Keys of Enoch is always extremely overpriced in other shops even if it’s second hand. So I really appreciate that this shop set the reasonable price. I could get it less than 1/4 price and it seems authentic. Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to visiting the actual shop when I go to Adelaide. Lots of love.
— 朴由佳里
I love everything what I got from ya! This is magical how my products are working. I love my crystal water bottle the most! It gives me so much power and energy for the day. I also love my cards so much. Unbelievable but the Ocean ones are made for me. I can see and feel so much and the Crystals. Halleluja, they are working like crazy! I love it and thanks for the great service. It is refreshing to talk to someone with nearly the same mind and same interest!
— Bianca P.
Recently did a big order from the eternal spirit online shop for the first time and it was so effortless, prompt delivery (within 4 days of ordering), so reasonably priced and packed so well including some gift for supporting a small business. I will continue to order from here regularly and can’t recommend them enough to all my friends! Thanks for the letter too Peter it makes the world of difference having a personal touch.
— Nastassja S.
Made my first online purchase with Eternal spirit as they carried everything that I wanted. It won't be my last. The website is easy to navigate, photos are very clear as are descriptions. It came to Sydney in only a couple of days really well packed. I appreciate your small gift, it was just what was needed. I will be shopping with you again. Thankyou
— Belinda S.
Always always an absolute delight to go here. I adore Eternal Spirit. Such a fantastic range of all my favourites! Oracle cards an amazing range, stunning crystals absolute top quality. So many books and of course divine incense which I never leave store without. In store shopping is my fave of course however if I can’t there buying online has always been so so easy and if I do click and collect it’s sooooo quick and efficient! I adore Eternal Spirit ~ the stock is brilliant, the energy is gorgeous and filled with integrity. My nephew calls it “The Magic Rock Shop”… five stars and more from me
— Anthea M.
Bought my goodies online from Melbourne. The process was super easy loved the range of items available to purchase. My package was appropriately packaged with fragile stickers on the box and I even had the foams within the box to protect my cup from breaking! The team at Eternal spirit made my day when I received it. I will definately be coming back to the online process. Thank you for making the experience extra special by including a personalised note from the team!
— Sera O.
I have been a fan of Eternal Spirit for many years now. This is the first time I have purchased online. Delivery was super fast and the quality and care taken with my order was heart warming. You knew exactly what I needed and I am very grateful. It was as special as shopping in-store. Thank you team.
— Sandi M.
Absolutely amazing service & products. I found these guys by googling an incense I have been obsessed with (organic goodness, which I found at a market). When I opened up their website it was so much more! When my package arrived it was beautifully packed with care & love. Not only did I package. I also received a beautiful letter with a bag of crystals & a cleansing kit. And a 20% off my next order for purchasing my first time. Honestly so obsessed 🤩 beautiful energy when I opened the box with all my goodies! Highly recommend.
— Claire H.


Eternal Spirit acknowledges the Kaurna Meyunna First Nations People and their ancestral lands where our business resides. In the spirit of reconciliation, Eternal Spirit acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.