Crystal Grid Board - "Healing" (Crystals Only)

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This crystal bag contains all the recommended crystals to set up your "Healing" Crystal Grid board.
Please note that this is for the bag of crystals only. 
If you require the grid board, please purchase the board.
While it is aesthetically pleasing to place the crystals on a board, it is not a requirement that you have to have the actual grid board for this to work.  You can always draw this symbol on a piece of paper and set up the crystals to go on it too.

This crystal bag contains a total of 17 crystals which consist of:

  • Clear Quartz x1
  • Green Calcite x8
  • Bloodstone x8

This is one of the most abundant, versatile and multi-dimensional stones in the world. It is able to receive, activate, store, transform, transmit and amplify energy. Placing a cluster in a room can transmit healing energies and help amplify the existing energy in the room. It is an excellent protection stone and can assist in providing clarity and emotional stability which can be useful in study, meditation and stress relief. It cleanses, enhances and protects the aura and also activates and clears the chakras. It can be used to enhance your psychic abilities and communications with your guides. It has also been used for dream recall if it’s placed under a pillow. Physically, it stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands, is helpful for the respiratory and immune systems and stimulates the thymus if worn over the heart.

Green calcite promotes a sense of peace and control of one’s life. It balances and calms the emotions and has a beautiful gentle energy. It opens the heart chakra, helping one feel the energy of love and express compassion towards others. It can stimulate the natural healing ability of the physical body. Its beautiful shade of green gives a sense of freshness and vitality to the spirit, helping one release old mental patterns and giving one a new sense of purpose and direction. It can also help one through times of great transition and change. Physically, it can be used in the treatment of blockages in the arteries, rheumatic illness, arthritis, and injuries involving bone and ligament damage. Green calcite can also aid healing following toxic fume inhalation or allergies to toxic chemicals. 

Also known as ‘Heliotrope’, this stone is characterised by its dark green with red spots and blotches. It is a great healing stone and can be used to stimulate the base, sacral, and heart chakras and helps to center and ground you. It allows one to be in the here and now and also provides for the revitalisation of love, relationships, and friendships. Bloodstone gives you strength, improves your creative abilities, and provides support in decision making processes. It is also a good stone for wealth, abundance, and good luck. Physically, it has been used in the treatment of the spleen, to purify the blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and liver. It has also been used to improve eyesight, lung congestion, rashes, and in the treatment of cancer, especially those that are blood related. 

The purpose of a Crystal grid is to create an intention of what we wish to attract into our lives using Universal principles. Intentions such as wealth, health, love or protection from negativity. They are based on the ancient symbols of Sacred Geometry and can be a very powerful visual, mental, emotional and metaphysical tool to amplify the manifestation process. When you set up a grid, you do so with the intent that you wish to charge the crystals with one clear mission. Each stone within the grid brings its own energy as well as amplifying the other crystals around it. By doing this, we are creating a vortex of energy, a powerful “magnet” if you will, which gets sent out into the Universe to realise your manifestation.


  • Dedicate a location for your board in your home where it will be visible and easily accessible.
  • Make sure that your crystals are cleansed before using them. To cleanse them, put them under cold running water for 30-60secs, then out overnight under the light of the full moon. You can also use the Sun, a White Sage Smudge stick, Palo Santo, or the sound vibrations from a Singing bowl (Try and cleanse your crystals monthly thereafter).
  • Focus on your intention and create your affirmation by writing it down on a piece of paper. This paper will go under the crystal at the center of the grid to give them the mission on what to do.
  • Focus on your goal and say your affirmation aloud or silently as you start placing the crystals on the board.
  • Take some time every day to connect with your crystal grid. You can meditate or sit in front of it, saying your affirmation while feeling the vortex of energy working for you. Be patient, remain positive and trust in the process.