3 - Pendant "Tumbled" (Various Crystals)

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Crystal + 925 Sterling Silver bail
1.7cm (w) x 2.2cm (l) x 0.8cm (d)
ORIGIN Blue Lace Agate - Brazil
Amethyst - Brazil
Angelite - Peru
Blue Apatite - Brazil
Mangano Calcite - Peru
Carnelian - Brazil
Celestite - Madagascar
Citrine - Brazil
Nephrite Jade - Canada
Kunzite - Pakistan
Lapis Lazuli - Afghanistan
Larimar - Domenican Republic
Lepidolite - China
Rose Quartz - Brazil
Smokey Quartz - Brazil
Sunstone - India
Blue Tiger Eye - Brazil

This crystal is banded in intricate patterns of light blue and white. It can help one reach high states of awareness and bring about the feelings of flight, air, and movement. The colour blue in the stone can help activate the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakras. This stone enhances creativity and confident expression. It calms the mind and is soothing to our emotions. It encourages clear communication, wisdom, patience, peace, kindness, and honesty. It enhances public speaking because it promotes confidence and discourages nervousness. It is also excellent for neutralising negative emotions such as anger, tempers, and stress. It can treat arthritic conditions, strengthen the skeletal structure, disorders of the pancreas, digestive problems and inflammation.

Amethyst is known as the “stone of spirituality and contentment” and is one of the best stones for Meditation because it opens the Crown chakra to induce a peaceful mental state. Its calming effect is great for people suffering from stress and is also a stone that allows us to understand our dreams. It clears the aura and dispels all negative energies within the body. It clears, transforms and balances the energies in any environment and has strong protective qualities, hence been used as a traveller’s protection stone for thousands of years. It also enhances intuition and psychic abilities, as well as heightens our spiritual consciousness. Physically, it can help treat cancer, the nervous system, hearing issues, and can strengthen the skeletal system. It can also help the digestive tract, the heart, stomach, skin and any teeth issues.

Also known as “Blue Anhydrite”, as the name implies, it assists in the communication with Angels and Spirit Guides. Emotionally, it gives us a feeling of well-being and soothes fear, anxiety and traumas. It allows us to accept all situations for what they are and helps us cope through them. It is a great stone for creative expression and allows one to clearly communicate their heart’s desire. It helps the voice be clear and therefore inspiring for those who do public speaking. It helps calm over-active minds and imparts a carefree feeling. It promotes telepathy and intuition and is a great stone for healers. It has been used in the treatment of infectious diseases, haemaglobin and skeletal deficiencies, joint disorders, throat disorders and heart issues.

This crystal can be used to stimulate the mind, facilitating deeper states of consciousness, clarity, and oneness with the higher self. It has an uplifting energy that dispels all negativity. It is a stone of manifestation and promotes the development of humanitarian ventures because it is attuned to healing, communicating, balancing energy, and teaching. It resonates with the throat chakra, improving personal power, self-expression and communication. It is associated with psychic perception and is useful with past-life work and the Akashic Records. It can help with motivation, ambition, confidence and creativity. At a physical level, it can focus healing energy on the glands, meridians, and organs of the body and is particularly useful with weight loss, eye disorders, metabolism, headaches and dizziness.

This variety of Beryl is known as the “stone of courage”. It provide us with clarity & cleanses & protects the aura. It aligns the chakras & helps you to attune to higher levels of awareness, allowing you to go deep within yourself. It radiates a gentle compassionate energy & helps build tolerance of others. It helps us release stagnant energies, old baggage, anger, vengeful thoughts & negative emotional patterns in relationships. The blue in the stone stimulates, activates & cleanses the throat chakra thus allowing for clearer communication & allowing one to speak their truth. It has been used in the treatment of swollen glands, infections, sore throats, vision improvement & assisting the maintenance of teeth. It can curb allergy symptoms and sooth eczema, hives, and psoriasis.

Mangano Calcite contains magnesium and has more white bands through it compared with standard Pink Calcite.  Sometimes called the ‘Reiki Stone’, it has a beautiful, gentle, yet powerful energy which complement energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Seichim due to its energy amplification properties.  It is a calming stone that eases and heals the heart chakra.  It fills the heart with universal love and self-love.  It is excellent for channeling, astral travel, and studying.  It allows us to release fear and open our hearts towards our desires.  It can make us more energetic, industrious, and successful.  Overall, it is a very nurturing stone that reminds us to take care of ourselves first before anyone else.  Physically, it can be beneficial for stress relief, healing bones and joints, treat kidney disorders and disorders of the heart. 

Carnelian is an orange-coloured form of chalcedony – a mineral in the quartz family. This stone activates the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, bringing forth a great influx of life force, sexual and creative energies. It stimulates our analytical capabilities, precision, initiative and inquisitiveness. It increases optimism and helps bring clarity hence especially good people who are confused or unfocused. Carnelian eliminates envy, fear, rage and sorrow because it’s able to stimulate a deep warmth, love and beauty in all things. It is a great stone in helping one take action to manifest one’s highest goals and dreams. Physically, it can help in the treatment of gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies, and colds.

Also known as ‘Celestine’, Celestite offers a gentle, uplifting energy which can expand one’s consciousness into the higher realms.  It is one of the most effective stones for accessing the angelic realms and facilitating communication between the angels and your higher self.  It can enhance one’s mental capabilities because it calms, relaxes, and empties the mind for rest and relaxation or meditation.  It balances our yin/yang energies and also clears the chakras.  It helps provide for clear verbal and creative expression.   It can assist us in astral traveling and is a great stone for manifestations.  Physically, it can be used in the treatment of eye disorders, hearing problems, mental dysfunctions, and digestive disorders.

This comes in two forms – a bright yellow variety which is actually Amethyst that has been heat-treated or a pale yellow variety which has been naturally heated by the Earth. This stone does not hold or accumulate negative energy and therefore never needs clearing or cleansing. It is commonly known as the “Merchant’s stone” and it’s said that by placing a cluster or crystal of Citrine in the cash drawer, more income is produced for the merchant thus helping him not only to acquire wealth, but also to maintain the state of wealth. It increases our self-esteem, stabilises our emotions, decreases stress, dispels any negative emotions and allows one to look forward to new beginnings. Physically, it is good for tissue regeneration, strengthening the kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs, the heart and detoxification.

Jade is a classic abundance stone – it is one of the best stones for specifically attracting wealth, prosperity, abundance and good fortune. This stone is said to be a “dream stone” because it facilitates dream recall and understanding. It is a great stone to allow one to realise their potential and life purpose. Placing a piece under the pillow can help one turn one’s dreams into physical manifestations. It can be a great stone to provide confidence and assist one in attaining self-assuredness, self-sufficiency and self-reliance. It also represents harmony in business and family relationships. Physically, it has been known to be used in treating disorders of the heart, kidneys, spleen, and the hips. It can also soothe and strengthen the nervous system.

Kunzite produces a feeling of peace and opens the heart to receive love from the divine source – the knowing in your heart that you are never alone and always loved. It keeps one connected to the infinite source of love and releases blocks around the heart, allowing one to approach life like a child – with joy, excitement and optimism. A powerful healer of the emotional body, it releases all fears and negative states such as depression, addictions, jealousy and distrust. It helps with self-esteem, tolerance, acceptance and can be very soothing and calming to the soul. It is said to be a very powerful meditation stone as it assists one to attain a deep meditative space. Physically, it has been used to strengthen the circulatory system and in the treatment of lung disorders.

Also known as ‘Lapis’, this stone is a sodium aluminum silicate with sulfur, chlorine, hydroxyl, and variable inclusions of Pyrite (gold) and Calcite (white). Lapis helps to expand awareness and intellectual capacity. It helps one to be more intuitive as it is able to work on the third eye. It is one of the power stones of the ages and serves as both a mental and spiritual cleanser. Lapis can enhance strength, vitality and creative expression. Facilitating the opening of the throat and third eye chakras, it can assist in past life work, promoting spiritual growth and improve our psychic abilities. Physically, it has been used to strengthen the skeletal system, activate the thyroid gland, treating throat disorders, and relieving insomnia.

Larimar is a form of blue Pectolite and was born from volcanic activity. It is a very rare crystal which is only found on the island of ‘Hispaniola’ in the Caribbean Sea. This stone is super effective on the throat chakra, allowing for clear communication directly from the heart. It brings a feeling of emotional strength, stability, confidence, and calm – relieving stress, cooling tempers and instilling peace. It is a wonderful stone of feminine power, helping women activate the divine goddess energy within and allow them to fully manifest their highest purpose in life. Larimar can help break down emotional heartaches, allowing one to release feelings of anger, fear, and stress. This stone has been of benefit during and after pregnancy, reduce inflammation, rid infections and reduce high blood pressure.

This stone appears as a pink, purplish, lavender colour. Due to its lithium content, it is useful for balancing one’s emotions and calming the mind. It eases hyperactivity and attention deficits and helps children with sensitive emotional needs. Known as the “stone of transition”, it allows one to let go of old thought patterns and move forward in life, hence a great stone for rebirthing and eliminating addictive behaviours. It also alleviates negative emotions such as stress, anger, self-hatred and depression. It opens up the heart chakra, promoting self-love and love for all others. It helps those with anxiety about the future and the unknown, allowing them to be more present and to trust in the universe. It aids digestion, relieves stress-related disorders, calms the nervous system and helps with heart disorders.

This is a “stone of transformation” as it helps one during times of change and spiritual evolution. It assists in clearing, balancing and activating all chakras and dissolving any fear, anxiety and other negative energies. It provides courage to allow one to break free from limitations and is a great stone for fidelity in love and friendships. It is useful in balancing the heart chakra, enhancing emotional stability, un-conditional love, romance and well-being. It can also be useful in business partnerships and areas that require responsibility and practicality. Malachite is a great protection stone – from negative energies, when travelling, during pregnancy and childbirth and for children. Physically it has been used to ease asthma, treat arthritis, swollen joints, tumors, growths and heal broken bones and torn muscles.

Known as the stone of “gentle and unconditional love”, it is able to enhance love in all situations & helps to bring peacefulness to all relationships. It can act as a rejuvenating agent for both the physical body & the emotions. It has an excellent energy for healing emotional wounds & is able to open the heart to all forms of love – self-love, family love, platonic love & romantic love. It can increase fertility & be useful during pregnancy & childbirth. It clears stored anger, resentment guilt, fear & jealousy. May cool one’s temper & reduce stress due to its soothing energies. It enhances confidence, self-esteem, creativity, self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion & self-worth. It has been used in the treatment of cancer, especially heart & breast cancer, aid the kidneys & circulatory system & weight control.

This crystal is great at gently dissolving negative energies and emotional blocks. It may provide a protective barrier of energy around the user and can be an excellent spiritual grounding stone, helping one to receive and utilise more higher frequency energy. It can help one feel more engaged with the world by enhance attentiveness to the present moment. It can assist one to be more practical, organised, and manifest one’s dreams and inspirations. Physically, it can be used to counter the negative effects of radiation, dissipate congestions in the organs around the solar plexus area and relieve disorders of the hands and feet. It has also been known to be helpful in the treatment of cancer.

Sunstone is an orange to red-brown colour with sparkling inclusions.  This stone was used by many of the ancient civilisations because it was believed to be a lucky, protective and powerful stone.  It brightens, cleans, and clears the chakras, removing any blockages and allowing one to move forward in life.  It can raise the vibration of one’s emotional patterns, dissipating fear, alleviating stress, increasing vitality, happiness and esteem.  It can encourage independence and originality and helps teach one to be of service to others.  It can also help with the manifestation process, helping one take action to turn their dreams into physical reality.  Physically, Sunstone has been quite helpful in the treatment of sore throats, stomach tension, ulcers, cartilage problems, rheumatism, aching feet, and spinal problems.

Also known as ‘Hawk’s eye, Blue Tiger Eye can be a good stone for enhancing psychic abilities if used at the third eye.  It helps one to become more practical, grounded, psychically protected, and emotionally balanced.  It gives one a clearer perception and allows one to spiritually expand their awareness and hence can be a great stone to use for meditation.  It has been used to stimulate wealth and give the necessary stability to maintain it.    It is also a great stone for working on the throat chakra as it is able to clear any blockages and allow one to communicate clearly.  Physically, it has been used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, eyes, and reproductive system.  It can aid vision at night and facilitate the mending of broken bones.

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