• All Practitioners that work from Eternal Spirit are INDEPENDENT of Eternal Spirit and DO NOT represent Eternal Spirit in any way.  Eternal Spirit is only responsible for offering a room for Practitioners to rent so they can run their business.  As part of their agreement, Eternal Spirit is responsible for advertising the Practitioner's business on our website to which we receive no commissions or royalties.
  • While Eternal Spirit does its best to assess every Practitioner's character, history, abilities and professionalism before allowing them to rent our rooms, it DOES NOT mean that every Client will be satisfied with the Practitioner's service.  It is the Client's responsibility to do their own independent research and trust their own intuition before committing to an appointment with any Practitioner.
  • To get the most out of any appointment, it is encouraged that you come into your session with an open mind so you are able to listen and receive the techniques and guidance given by the Practitioner.
  • It is the Client's free will and responsibility to decide what to do (or not) with the Practitioner's guidance after the appointment is over.
  • Any guidance you receive should never replace professional advice so it is up to the Client to seek further professional advice on any medical, legal or financial matters.
  • All appointments are confidential and your confidentiality and privacy is treated very seriously. 
  • ​If after your consultation, you are either:
    • Unhappy with the service you received,
    • Have any concerns or issues that were experienced during the session,
    • Or would like to make a complaint,
      Please communicate with the Practitioners DIRECTLY and they will seek a resolution to your satisfaction.
      At the end of the day, the Practitioners only want to help their Clients but they are not perfect and generally, it is a lack of communication that causes dissatisfaction!