Pendulum - Metal Cone "Various Metals"

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1.5cm (w) x 1.5cm (l) x 3.8cm (h)

A Pendulum is a divination tool which can be used to receive amazingly accurate answers to your questions.  You can use it to set up a dialogue with your intuition and receive back reliable information from your higher self.  To get started, find a quiet place where you will be free from any distractions.  The first step is to 'programme' your Pendulum so you can understand the answers to your questions.  Please note that your Pendulum might not swing the same way as another person's Pendulum. Hold the top of the chain of the Pendulum and wait for it to be completely still.  As a question (out loud or in your mind) where you know the answer to be a definite yes (Eg. Is my name xxxx).  Wait for the Pendulum to swing and take note of the direction - this is your 'yes' answer.  Now repeat the process but for a 'no' answer.  You can also ask your Pendulum to show you a 'maybe' answer too.  It is recommended that you periodically cleanse your Pendulum and this can be done under running water and then placed under the full moon energy.

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