Crystal Sphere Stands - Acrylic Stands (Various Sizes)

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Acrylic (Plastic)
1.5cm (w) x 1.5cm (l) x 0.6cm (h)
3.2cm (w) x 3.2cm (l) x 1.1cm (h)
Made in China

These acrylic stands are used to stand your crystal balls.
The small size is suited for spheres under 5cm in diameter.  People have stood spheres up to 6-7cm on this size but it is not recommended due to instability and aesthetic reasons.
The large size is recommended for spheres between 5-10cm in diameter.
Crystal spheres in the photo are only used for demonstration purposes only and are not included.
Please note that these stands can also be used to stand crystal eggs as well.  If you are wanting to stand eggs, eggs with 3-4cm diameter would suit best on the large size.  If you have a smaller sized egg, please choose the small size. 

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