Crystal Bracelet - "Tiger Eye (Combination)" Round 12mm

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Also known as ‘Hawk’s eye, Blue Tiger Eye can be a good stone for enhancing psychic abilities if used at the third eye.  It helps one to become more practical, grounded, psychically protected, and emotionally balanced.  It gives one a clearer perception and allows one to spiritually expand their awareness and hence can be a great stone to use for meditation.  It has been used to stimulate wealth and give the necessary stability to maintain it.    It is also a great stone for working on the throat chakra as it is able to clear any blockages and allow one to communicate clearly.  Physically, it has been used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, eyes, and reproductive system.  It can aid vision at night and facilitate the mending of broken bones.

Red Tiger Eye stimulates, activates and clears the base chakra.  It increases personal power, courage, energy and physical vitality.  It is helpful if you want to become more practical and have more willpower to take care of yourself fully.  It is very grounding and allows one to be down to Earth.  It can help overcome lethargy as it can be quite a stimulating stone and can therefore be used to speed up a slow metabolism and increase a low sex drive.  It provides an optimistic outlook to life, allowing the user to be vibrantly healthy and passionate.  Physically, it can help treat disorders of the reproductive system, bladder, and kidneys.

Tiger Eye is a member of the Quartz family and comes in a few different colours including blue, red and yellow. Yellow Tiger Eye gives clarity and focus hence, can be useful in meditation. It enhances psychic abilities and can help with the attunement of the third-eye. It can allow one to become more practical and grounded and its bright colour has the ability to bring joy and optimism into one’s life. It balances the yin and yang energies and both the hemispheres of the brain hence bringing in more awareness to one’s needs and the needs of others. Physically, it has been used in the treatment of eye disorders, throat disorders, the reproductive system and aid in night vision. It can also be used to strengthen the alignment of the spinal column and facilitate the mending of broken bones.


It is recommended that you do not keep the bracelet on while bathing/showering as continual and repetitive contact with water can cause the elastic band to breakdown and/or fray.  Please also be careful with stretching the bracelet as any aggressive force will cause the elastic to snap, much like when you overstretch a rubber band.
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