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Crystal Bag - Zodiac Set "Capricorn"

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Each bag is packed in an organza bag (9cm x 12cm) featuring 4 different crystals:
  • Amethyst
  • Garnet
  • Jet
  • Blue Tiger Eye

These crystal bags make excellent gifts for that special someone when you're stuck on ideas.  On the insides of the description card is blank so you can even write a short message.

Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family and is known as the ‘stone of spirituality and contentment’.  It is one of the best stones to use for meditation because it opens the crown chakra and induces and maintains a peaceful mental state.  Its calming effect is good for people suffering from stress and it’s also a stone that allows us to understand our dreams.  It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earth plane and the other worlds.  It clears the aura and is able to dispel any negative energies within the body.  It will help clear and transform the energies in an environment and help to release unbalanced energies.  Amethyst has strong protective qualities and hence been used as a traveller’s protection stone for thousands of years.  It will enhance psychic abilities and spiritual awareness as it stimulates the third eye and crown chakras.  Physically, it can be used to treat hearing disorders, strengthen one’s skeletal system, and treatment of the nervous system.  It can also help the digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin, teeth and in the treatment of cancer.


Garnet is known as the “stone of health” because it turns negative energy from the chakras and transmutes it into positive energy. It has also been known as a “stone of commitment” to purpose, to others and to oneself. It enhances our imagination and allows for love, devotion and compassion. It can be very grounding and supportive, especially during times of change and upheaval. It revitalises, purifies and balances energy, promoting a calming effect and a sense of emotional stability. Due to its passion and vibrancy, it is an excellent stone for manifestation and allowing one to follow through with their goals and ambitions. Physically, it is great for the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. It can also be used to treat disorders of the spine, bones, heart, lungs and to help with fertility.

This stone can be very calming and used to dispel fearful thoughts and diminish depression.  It is said to be one of the best protection and purification stones around.  It is a neutralizer of negative energies especially when being worn as jewellery.  It can be a powerful purifier of the aura, protecting and clearing one’s energies of disharmonious vibrations.  Jet may also be used to protect one during the pursuit of business and to enhance the stability of ones finances.  Physically, it has been helpful for the treatment of migraine headaches, epilepsy, glandular and lymphatic swelling, stomach pain and colds.

Blue Tiger Eye
Also known as ‘Hawk’s eye, Blue Tiger Eye can be a good stone for enhancing psychic abilities if used at the third eye.  It helps one to become more practical, grounded, psychically protected, and emotionally balanced.  It gives one a clearer perception and allows one to spiritually expand their awareness and hence can be a great stone to use for meditation.  It has been used to stimulate wealth and give the necessary stability to maintain it.    It is also a great stone for working on the throat chakra as it is able to clear any blockages and allow one to communicate clearly.  Physically, it has been used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, eyes, and reproductive system.  It can aid vision at night and facilitate the mending of broken bones.



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