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Crystal Bag - Healing Set "Love"

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Each bag is packed in an organza bag (9cm x 12cm) featuring 4 different crystals:
  • Green Calcite
  • Chrysophrase
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Blue Quartz

These crystal bags make excellent gifts for that special someone when you're stuck on ideas.  On the insides of the description card is blank so you can even write a short message.

Green Calcite
Green calcite promotes a sense of peace and control of one’s life.  It balances and calms the emotions and has a beautiful gentle energy.  It opens the heart chakra, helping one feel the energy of love and express compassion towards others.  It can stimulate the natural healing ability of the physical body.  Its beautiful shade of green gives a sense of freshness and vitality to the spirit, helping one release old mental patterns and giving one a new sense of purpose and direction.  It can also help one through times of great transition and change.  Physically, it can be used in the treatment of blockages in the arteries, rheumatic illness, arthritis, and injuries involving bone and ligament damage.  Green calcite can also aid healing following toxic fume inhalation or allergies to toxic chemicals. 

Chrysoprase is a green Chalcedony that balances the yin-yang energies and aligns the chakras with the ethereal plane. It activates, opens and energises the heart chakra, therefore bringing in energy to the physical body through the loving energy of the heart. It reminds us of our constant connection to the infinite love and abundance of the universe. It gives one non-judgmental attitudes, acceptance of others and self. It can reduce superiority or inferiority complexes and can confer fluency of speech with presence of mind. It is said to have been used to encourage fidelity in business and personal affairs. This stone has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart and reproductive organs and in the assimilation of Vitamin C. It has also been known to be useful to increase fertility.

Ocean Jasper
Ocean Jasper can come in different combinations of green, yellow, brown, red, and black.  This stone is very calming and protective.  This Jasper is specifically used to align all the chakras and encourages one to love themselves and others.  It works on the solar plexus and can assist with healing emotions that have been suppressed for a long time.  It allows one to be more responsible, patient, joyful, and protected.  Physically, it is beneficial towards the digestive organs, removing toxins, and eliminating body odour.

Blue Quartz
Blue Quartz is formed by the inclusion of tiny blue rutile, tourmaline or zoisite inclusions.  It combines the qualities of the included mineral and further serves to stimulate the throat chakra, allowing one to have clear verbal expression.  It assists one to seek new experiences and relationships by releasing introversion and fear.  It can promote composure and provide comfort during times of stress, allowing one to be independent and uninhibited.  Spiritually, it links the heart and throat chakras and allows for true creativity and self-expression.  Blue Quartz is a great relationship stone, encouraging co-operation, consideration and honesty.  Physically it can aid the heart, lungs, throat and thymus.  It can be good for toxin removal and improving metabolism.



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