Crystal - "Amethyst (Chevron)" Chunks ($4-$7)

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CRYSTAL Chevron Amethyst
$04.00 4.0-6.0cm (w) x 2.0-3.5cm (l) x 2.0-3.5cm (h) 46-52g
$04.50 4.0-6.0cm (w) x 2.0-3.5cm (l) x 2.0-3.5cm (h) 53-59g
$05.00 4.0-6.0cm (w) x 3.0-4.0cm (l) x 2.0-3.5cm (h) 60-66g
$05.50 4.0-6.0cm (w) x 3.0-4.0cm (l) x 2.0-3.5cm (h) 67-73g
$06.00 4.0-7.0cm (w) x 3.5-4.5cm (l) x 2.5-4.0cm (h) 74-80g
$06.50 4.0-7.0cm (w) x 3.5-4.5cm (l) x 2.5-4.0cm (h) 81-87g
$07.00 4.0-7.0cm (w) x 3.5-4.5cm (l) x 2.5-4.0cm (h) 88-94g

Also known as “Banded Amethyst”, Chevron Amethyst combines the strengthening and enhancing energies of Quartz, with the stress relieving energies of Amethyst. This stone possesses the energies which allow it to be one of the best stones for the third-eye because it stimulates vision into the unknown realms. It is a great stone for journeying and for self evaluation and inner growth. It clears the aura and dissipates negative energies, hence providing for a brighter outlook on life. It brings one the strength, courage, love and peace of mind required to continue in any pursuit. Physically, this stone can help eliminate headaches, pain and symptoms of viral and infectious diseases. It can also help with disorders of the intestines, pancreas, lung and liver, and help one recover from addictions.


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