Chip Bracelet - "Quartz (Rutilated)"

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4-8mm (w) x 4-6mm (l) x 2-4mm (h)


Rutilated Quartz is a combination of Clear Quartz (sometimes Smokey Quartz) and Rutile inclusions.  Rutile is a Titanium Oxide mineral that looks like fine metallic hairs or needles, and they can be coloured golden yellow, reddish brown, red or black.  Rutilated Quartz infuses one’s energy field with light energy, enhancing communication with the higher self and one’s psychic abilities.  It can bring a joyful vibration into the energetic field, improving self-belief, allowing feelings of negativity to dissipate and helping one feel less overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities.  It is a powerful healer and can move energy more quickly along the chakras than Clear Quartz.  This stone can also be used to enhance the healing energies of all the other stones.  Physically, it has been known to enhance life force, strengthen the immune system, and assist in the regeneration of tissue.


It is recommended that you do not keep the bracelet on while bathing/showering as continual and repetitive contact with water can cause the elastic band to breakdown and/or fray.  Please also be careful with stretching the bracelet as any aggressive force will cause the elastic to snap, much like when you overstretch a rubber band.
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