Charm - Pocket Shield "Archangel Raphael"

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2.7cm (w) x 3.2cm (l) x 0.3cm (d)

Carry a token of guidance, protection and healing with you wherever you go with our Archangel Pocket Shields. Archangel Raphael, also known as the patron of healers, is prominently shown on the front side and the back reads May JOY & LOVE help us find a healthy body, soul & mind.

Archangel Raphael whose name means 'God heals', is charged with healing the Earth and mankind. His qualities became known from the biblical story which tells how the Earth was healed after being defiled by the sins of Lucifer.  Raphael is considered to be a patron of the sciences and is also thought to be the protector of travelers and a healer to the sick & injured.

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