Book - Psychic Empowerment For Everyone

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Psychic Empowerment For Everyone
By Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe Slate

Surging within us all is a limitless wellspring of psychic power. Open yourself to spiritual enlightenment, personal enrichment, and lifelong empowerment by tapping into this incredible resource. Llewellyn's own Carl Llewellyn Weschcke has teamed up with parapsychologist Joe H. Slate to write this comprehensive guide to the psychic realm. Exploring the link between psychic phenomena and the paranormal, they map inner and outer psychic dimensions and explain how to access them. Easy techniques in self-hypnosis and dream work demonstrate how to expand your consciousness, navigate psychic planes, and communicate with the spirit realm and your higher self. Featuring a seven-day psychic empowerment plan, this exciting path to self-discovery will help you develop vast psychic skills to enrich your relationships, enhance your career, grow spiritually, fulfill your life purpose, and prepare for 2012.

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288 pages