Book - Chakras (Gosfield Companion)

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Chakras: The Guide to Principles, Practices and More
By Thimela Garcia

A comprehensive guide to chakras, their associated features and how strengthening and healing each chakra can lead to improved health, energy and wellbeing.

Chakras specialist Thimela A. Garcia provides easy-to-follow practices to help open up your chakras, optimise the flow of energy and boost your wellbeing.

Chapter 1: What are Chakras?
Including Introduction to chakras, The history of chakras and Morning ritual

Chapter 2: The Energy Body
Including The aura and the seven bodies, How to protect your aura and Awakening kundalini energy

Chapter 3: The Chakras
Including Aspects of the Chakras, The five elements and A detailed guide to all seven chakras

Chapter 4: Energy Healing
Including Colour therapy, Crystal healing and Energy and aura-cleansing

Chapter 5: Chakras in Daily Life
Including Meditation, Yoga and Positive affirmations

16cm (w) x 19.8cm (l) x 2cm (d)


304 pages