Book - Awakened Psychic, The

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The Awakened Psychic
By Kala Ambrose

Awaken the psychic abilities within you and harness the intuitive wisdom they reveal. With Kala Ambrose s comprehensive guide, you ll learn to develop your natural talents to their full potential and use them to help manifest your destiny. Presenting a wide range of topics and practical tools, The Awakened Psychic is your ideal guide to tuning in to your abilities, regardless of skill level. Discover the five different clairs and how you can work with them in tandem. Explore hands-on exercises and effective techniques, inspirational stories from Kala s personal life and clients, and the supernatural phenomena you may encounter. Once you awaken your sixth sense, you can lift the veil between worlds to find your spiritual path.

13.3cm (w) x 20.3cm (h) x 1.52cm (d)


216 pages