"Intrinsic" is the love child of founders Adèle and Jamie Basheer, who began the South Australian business as a team of two in 1996. In search of a more meaningful approach to life and business, the soulmates sat down at their weathered kitchen table with $30 worth of recycled cardboard, a handful of quotes and a simple vision; to make a positive difference in the world.

Since then, it’s been one big-hearted journey to create a much loved and successful brand overflowing in a rainbow of rich colour, lush patterns and soulful spirit.

Adèle Basheer

Adèle has a unique ability of expressing messages in an authentic and compassionate way, touching a chord with people from all walks of life. Whether it be comfort, hope, resilience or joy, her words stir a deeply-held emotion within.

More than the words on a page, Adèle is a natural leader and has a way of weaving her magic into the lives of those who cross her path. From speaking engagements, to connecting with customers at trade shows, or sparking conversation with strangers in stores, we love seeing how Adèle so naturally connects with others and has them discovering their true passions and innermost essence.

The nature of Adèle's challenging childhood combined with her dynamic and driven personality, propelled her to follow the positive and proactive life she leads today. For Adèle, life is all about showing up: “You may not know where to begin or where it will lead you, but as long as you show up, you are half way there.”