Tibetan Singing Bowl - 11.0cm "Bronze Symbols" Solar Plexus #SB125

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Tibetan Singing Bowls are classic instruments & meditation tools in Tibet.  They are widely used in spiritual traditions such as Buddhism & Hinduism for meditation, relaxation, healing & religious practices.  By hitting the rim of the Singing Bowl with a striker while it rests in your palm, the bowls will vibrate to produce a radiating and calming sound. 

All Singing Bowls come with a free wooden stick.
Unless it is already in a set, singing bowl cushions are not included and can be bought as an optional extra.

Product Code SB125
Sound Eb note
Chakra Resonance Solar Plexus
Dimensions (Approx.) 11cm (w) x 6cm (h)
Weight 461g
Origin Nepal

This chakra enables us to pick up vibrations and essences from people, places and things.  It involves personal power, energy and self-control, emotional issues and issues of self-acceptance. This chakra physically influences muscles, stomach, digestion, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, metabolism and the nervous.

From time to time, these singing bowls will have minor randomly occurring blemishes/scuff marks, giving the impression that the item has been damaged when in fact, they're perfectly fine and occur as part of the hand-made and/or final polishing process.  These minor imperfections do NOT affect the sound quality or practicality and if anything, reinforces that the singing bowls are indeed a unique and genuine product!
By buying this product, you accept that any aesthetic "imperfections" are just a natural occurrence in these type of items.  Eternal Spirit inspects all singing bowls and any that are deemed heavily blemished/scuffed above the norm, are discounted in-store and not sold online. 
Although we make every effort to photograph items accurately and describe our products in detail, we cannot guarantee that every screen will accurately depict the actual colour of the item so very slight variations may occur.