Salt Lamp - Shape "Lotus"

Salt Lamp - Shape "Lotus"

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The salt in these lamps come from the Himalayan Mountains & have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the environment & health.  The environment we live in is full of pollutants, especially from electrical devices such as microwaves, mobile phones & TV’s.  These devices emit large amounts of positive ions which are known to be quite damaging to the atmosphere, creating physical & mental fatigue.  When these Salt Lamps are lit, they draw moisture from the air & convert the damaging positive ions into negative ions into the surrounding area, purifying the air in the process.  If you have ever experienced the air at a waterfall, on a mountain top, at the seashore, or after a thunderstorm, then you have experienced the results of negative ions and you know how the air smells fresher and how much easier it is to breathe.
The lamps help with relaxation & stress & can alleviate conditions such as fatigue, migraines, anxiety, hay fever, depression, insomnia, colds & ADD.  Therefore having a lamp in a room such as the living room can dramatically improve the atmosphere & mood of the whole area. They are not suited to areas of excess moisture or humidity like bathrooms or outdoor living spaces. To clean your lamp, wipe it with a damp cloth & then turn it on to allow the heat to dry it off.

The lotus flower retracts at night and then emerges beautifully the next morning.  It represents spiritual awakening and purity because the lotus flower emerges from the dark and muddy waters and then transforms into a beautiful flower.  It can also be associated with fruitfulness, attractiveness, affluence and eternity.


  • Approximate weight
  • Approximate dimensions are 
  • Each lamp comes in a box and includes a free electrical cord (made to Australian standards) and a free globe.



  • For best results, we recommend leaving lamps turned on as much as possible for maximum enjoyment and benefits, and to avoid moisture build up.
  • Do not place the lamp in areas of dampness (Eg. basement) or areas with lots of humidity (Eg. bathroom) as it will absorb the water in the air and dissolve the salt.
  • To clean the lamp, simply wipe with a damp cloth.


  • No two salt lamps will ever be identical because they contain natural veins, cracks and striations.
  • The colours of the salt lamps will range from light to dark orange.  It does not mean one is better than the other - it just comes down to personal preferences.
  • The weight and sizes are approximations based on averages and to be used as a guide only.
  • The salt lamp depicted in this picture is only a guide to the quality, size and colour of what you will receive.  Each lamp is unique so the one you receive will be slightly different to the one pictured.