Ring - "Tanzanite" Size P #R219

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Product Code R219
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Tanzanite
Dimensions 1.25cm (w) x 1.6cm (l) x 0.9cm (d)
Band Size 7mm
Ring Size
Origin Tanzania
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship


Tanzanite is a member of the Zoisite family and ranges from a blue to a blue-violet colour. Only found in Tanzania, it is one of the most expensive and rarest crystals around. Known as the “stone of magic”, it works to stimulate our crown chakra, stimulating visions, messages and information from the higher-vibrational sources. It is able to facilitate communication in all forms and allows us to manifest our will. It facilitates encounters with beings from other worlds and provides understanding of universal mysteries. It links the heart and the mind, allowing one to be more balanced, centered and grounded. It can allow one to feel more compassion, love and happiness. Physically, it is used in the treatment of skin issues, mis-alignment of the spinal column, eye disorders and help bring one out of a comatose state.


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