Ring - "Ruby (Star)" Size P #R286

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Product Code R286
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Star Ruby
Dimensions 0.92cm (w) x 1.13cm (l) x 0.68cm (d)
Ring Size
Band Size 3.2mm
Origin India
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship
Special Notes You can definitely see a star in this cabachon if you look at it in the light and the right angle.  It's just impossible to represent this phenomena with a photo. 

Star Ruby is a very rare variety of Ruby that is composed of Aluminum oxide and Chromium.  It is unique because it displays a sharp six-rayed star across the surface, an optical phenomenon called ‘Asterism’.  It is caused by the dense inclusions of Rutile which reflect the light in a certain way.  This star is known as the ‘light of the soul’.  This light is then grounded within the Ruby so it can be integrated and expressed through the more mundane aspects of one’s life.  This crystal is a powerful stone for manifestation as it is able to ground energies and brings ideas to life in the physical world.  It can assist one in perceiving the true abundance in one’s life.  Star Ruby is popular amongst light workers and healers wishing to integrate high-frequency energy into the body.  Physically, it can help shed light on the root causes for sexual dysfunction and heal past trauma regarding sexual abuse or abuse of power.


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