Ring - "Larimar" Size NO #R311

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Product Code R311
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Larimar + Blue Topaz
Dimensions 2cm (w) x 1.7cm (l) x 0.55cm (d)
Band Size 2mm
Ring Size
Origin Dominican Republic
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship

Larimar is a form of blue Pectolite and was born from volcanic activity. It is a very rare crystal which is only found on the island of ‘Hispaniola’ in the Caribbean Sea. This stone is super effective on the throat chakra, allowing for clear communication directly from the heart. It brings a feeling of emotional strength, stability, confidence, and calm – relieving stress, cooling tempers and instilling peace. It is a wonderful stone of feminine power, helping women activate the divine goddess energy within and allow them to fully manifest their highest purpose in life. Larimar can help break down emotional heartaches, allowing one to release feelings of anger, fear, and stress. This stone has been of benefit during and after pregnancy, reduce inflammation, rid infections and reduce high blood pressure.

Blue Topaz gently opens the throat chakra, clearing and activating it and enhancing one’s ability to articulate ideas and thoughts. It also opens the third-eye chakra, allowing for communication with the higher realms. It is a natural magnifier of psychic abilities and can help those wishing to improve and trust their intuition. It helps to balance and calm the mind, body and spiritual bodies and allows one to be connected to the universe. It helps one concentrate on mental tasks, promotes sharing and enhance communication hence great for those involved in public speaking. Physically, it is great for sore throats and speech impediments and migraines.


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