Ring - "Healer's Gold" Size P #R107

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Product Code R107
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Healer's Gold
Dimensions 1.6cm (w) x 2.7cm (l) x 0.4cm (d)
Band Size 4.2mm
Ring Size
Origin USA
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship


Healer’s Gold is the metaphysical name given to a combination of Pyrite and Magnetite.  It appears as a mixture of black and gold and has a name which is derived from its metaphysical use as a healing stone.  It is found in the desert areas of Arizona and is said to connect us to the energy of the Earth, allowing one to channel the energy through the body.  It can bring more life force into the body and balance one’s energetic field.  It is useful in healing work because it allows the healer do their work on others without depleting their own energies and can also enhance the well-being of their clients.  It also helps the healer in ensuring that the energy provided in the session is grounded into the physical body on a cellular level.  This mineral is said to enhance one’s confidence, creativity, stamina, patience, and overall positive outlook on life.  Physically, it strengthens the blood, increases nutrient assimilation, bowel disorders, and male reproductive organ disorders.



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