Ring - "Garnet (Star)" Size P #R87

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Product Code R87
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Star Garnet
Dimensions 1.8cm (w) x 2.1cm (l) x 1.5cm (d)
Band Size 3.7mm
Ring Size
Origin India
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship

Star Garnet is a very rare form of Garnet that displays a distinct star pattern when held in the light due to the inclusions of Rutile.  To date, there have only been two places in the world where this type of Garnet has been found – India and USA.  This crystal works on the base chakra, allowing one to remain grounded and protected against negative influences.  It helps one feel calm and centered and is a wonderful stone during times of change and transition.  It can balance the energetic flow throughout the body, from base to crown and can stimulate the Kundalini.  It is also a powerful stone of creativity and manifestation as it enhances our imagination.  Physically, it can help relieve inflammations of the skin, regulate blood flow, and alleviate depression.



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