Ring - "Diopside (Chrome)" Size PQ #R63

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Product Code R63
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Chrome Diopside
Dimensions 0.6cm (w) x 0.8cm (l) x 0.45cm (d)
Band Size 3mm
Ring Size
Origin Russia
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship

This stone has an intense energy transmission and is said to hold the mysteries of the Universe.  It helps to clear and energise the chakras and heal any disorders of the mind and psyche.  It connects your heart to that of Mother Earth, teaching how to care for our planet and all upon it.  It is a great stone for creative visualization and helping one manifest their desired goals.  It can alleviate stubbornness and aggression and help with healing the heart.  It has also been said to improve the wearer’s intellect and analytical capabilities.  Physically, it can help with muscular spasms, stabilise blood sugar levels and assist in the breakdown of fats and proteins.


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