Ring - "Agate (Blue Lace)" Size Q #R411

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Product Code R411
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Blue Lace Agate
Dimensions 1.8cm (w) x 1.8cm (l) x 0.7cm (d)
Band Size 2.5mm
Ring Size
Origin Brazil
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship

This crystal is banded in intricate patterns of light blue and white. It can help one reach high states of awareness and bring about the feelings of flight, air, and movement. The colour blue in the stone can help activate the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakras. This stone enhances creativity and confident expression. It calms the mind and is soothing to our emotions. It encourages clear communication, wisdom, patience, peace, kindness, and honesty. It enhances public speaking because it promotes confidence and discourages nervousness. It is also excellent for neutralising negative emotions such as anger, tempers, and stress. It can treat arthritic conditions, strengthen the skeletal structure, disorders of the pancreas, digestive problems and inflammation.


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