Mala Beads - Necklace "Lava Stone (Silver Tassle)"

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Approx. 6mm Beads
Approx. 80cm Length + 7.5cm Tassel

These Necklaces contain 108 beads plus one ‘Guru’ bead and are commonly used in meditation or prayer.  The beads are used as a tactile guide to keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra, name or affirmation.  They are usually made of either wood, seeds or crystals.

Lava Stone is an igneous volcanic rock (produced under intense heat) which has solidified from molten lava.  It contains the power of fire and is useful in igniting the flames of creativity and passion in our spirit.  It gives us the courage to chase our dreams and take on life with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.  It is an excellent grounding stone, providing the strength and stability required through times of change.  It assists in diminishing the negative aspects of ones character, promoting positive modifications to ones behaviour.  Due to its porous nature, it has been known to be used in Aromatherapy as an essential oil diffuser.  Physically, it can be used in the treatment of the reproductive system and enhance fertility.


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