Incense Holder - Soapstone Rectangular (Various Styles)

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5cm (w) x 25cm (l) x 1cm (d)
Approx. 350-400g
Made in India

This is primarily for incense sticks but could also be used for cones.
They are purposely made with a slight curve in them and do not lay completely flat on the table. 

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry figure which is said to visually represent the connection that life weaves through all beings.  It is thought that wearing this symbol can help us overcome our fears, assist in connecting to the higher self, provide stronger self awareness and present a pathway to enlightenment.

Ganesh is one of the best known and loved deities in the Hindu pantheon of Gods.  He is the Lord of good fortune, providing prosperity and success in all endeavours.  He is also the Lord of beginnings, the destroyer of vanity and the remover of obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds.

This hand symbolises the ‘Hand of God’ and is a protective sign used to ward off evil spirits.  Used mainly for protection, it can also bring the owner happiness, luck, success, health and good fortune.  The Hamsa hand can sometimes include the Evil Eye symbol which is thought to protect against misfortunes.

The Tree of Life is a many-branched tree that represents the interconnectedness of all life on our planet.  It symbolises wisdom, protection, strength and beauty.  It gives life and everything which sustains us and is a powerful symbol of growth as the tree is the only living thing that continues to grow throughout its lifetime.

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