Incense Holder - Round Copper Inlay (Various Styles)

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Approx. 10cm (w) x 10cm (l) x 1.3cm (h)
Approx. 55-60g

These holders can be used for both incense sticks and cones.

The purpose of a Dreamcatcher is to catch bad dreams and is seen as a symbol of unity among Native Americans.  They were used to prevent bad dreams and promote only good dreams for the children.

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry figure which is said to visually represent the connection that life weaves through all beings.  It is thought that wearing this symbol can help us overcome our fears, assist in connecting to the higher self, provide stronger self awareness and present a pathway to enlightenment.

The lotus flower retracts at night and then emerges beautifully the next morning.  It represents spiritual awakening and purity because the lotus flower emerges from the dark and muddy waters and then transforms into a beautiful flower.  It can also be associated with fruitfulness, attractiveness, affluence and eternity.

The Om represents God, Creation, and the Oneness of all creation.  It is most commonly used in Buddhist and Hindu religions.  Om is more specifically called Pranava, which means, “it infiltrates life and runs through our breath”.  The first breath of creation signifies that Om is the primordial sound. Om is often seen as the utmost of all mantras or vibrations.


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