Incense Holder - Aluminium "Chakra" Round

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Dimensions (Approx.) 11cm (w) x 11cm (l) x 1.2cm (h)
Weight (Approx.) 75g
Material Aluminium
Origin India

These incense holders can be used for both incense sticks or incense cones.

Chakras are swirling ‘wheels’ of energy which receive, assimilate and express life force energy.  They are responsible for a person’s physical, mental and spiritual functions.  The 7 primary Chakras are:

  1. Base (Muladhara) – Red, ‘C’ note, grounding, stability, financial independence, courage, confidence, insecurity, fears.
  2. Sacral (Svadhisthana) – Orange, ‘D’ note, sexuality, creativity, trust, life force energy, satisfaction, abundance, well-being.
  3. Solar plexus (Manipura) – Yellow, ‘E’ note, self-esteem, personal empowerment, willpower, social conscience.
  4. Heart (Anahata) – Green, ‘F’ note, love, expression of heart’s desire, compassion, emotional stability, interconnectedness.
  5. Throat (Vishuddha) – Blue, ‘G’ note, communication, self-expression
  6. Third Eye (Ajna) – Indigo, ‘A’ note, intuition, idealism, psychic ability
  7. Crown (Sahasrara) – Violet, ‘B’ note, connection with God and the Universe, supreme consciousness, pure divine light.

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