Essential Oil - Blends "Sleep Soundly"

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BLEND Sleep Soundly
DESCRIPTION Sleep Soundly blend may help relax and relieve mental tension aiding the onset of the sleep cycle.
ESSENTIAL OILS Orange Sweet Valencia (Citrus sinensis)
Lavender French (Lavandula angustifolia)
Ylang Ylang Complete (Cananga odorata)
Marjoram (Origanum marjorana)
USE 3-5 drops in an oil diffuser or oil burner.
4 drops with 10mL of carrier oil for massage.
Avoid use during pregnancy.


  • 10ml bottle
  • Bottled in Australia
  • Stringently tested via gas chromatography, optical rotation, refractive index, specific gravity, colour & odour profile
  • Ideal for use in aromatherapy, oil diffusers, oil burners or blended for massage
  • Cruelty free & Vegan
  • Can also be used in candle making and soap making