Earrings - "Sapphire (Blue)" Cabachon Oval #E43

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925 Sterling Silver
Blue Sapphire
0.8cm (w) x 1cm (l) x 0.5cm (d)
Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship
REFUND POLICY Unfortunately there are no exchanges or refunds on ALL earrings regardless of if they are worn or not so please choose carefully. 
If the item happens to be reduced and marked down, then its sale is final and you cannot return, exchange or refund.

Sapphire is the second hardest crystal on Earth and can come in blue, white, black, purple, yellow, pink and green in colour. This is a beautiful stone, allowing one to remove unwanted thoughts and bring feelings of peace and joy. Also known as a “stone of prosperity”, it allows one to manifest their desires and attract abundance in all endeavors. It can be used to enhance focus, gain clarity and increase serenity. It can be used to increase your vibration in order to be open to receiving messages from the angelic realms. If used in meditation, it can help unlock your hidden potential and provide vision of your life’s work. Physically, it can be used for the treatment of blood disorders, cellular disorders, disorders of the nervous system, regulate the thyroid gland and appetite control.


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