Earrings - "Quartz (Tourminalated)" Cabachon Circle #E128

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Product Code E128
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Tourminalated Quartz
Dimensions 1.05cm (w) x 1.05cm (l) x 0.55cm (d)
Origin Brazil
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship

Tourmalinated Quartz is a member of the Quartz family and combines the qualities of Black Tourmaline with the qualities of Clear Quartz. Black Tourmaline is able to repel and protect against negativity, while Clear Quartz is able to amplify the energies focused through it making this combination a powerful force-field! It is an excellent stone for grounding and is excellent for clearing out bad vibes, repairing the auric field, and restoring imbalances throughout the body. It is able to help us experience clarity and assists one to grow on a spiritual level. It can improve vitality, emotional stability and is very uplifting. It can be used to cleanse and purify environments, especially healing rooms where lots of negative energies may be released or even those surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from computers. Physically, it can be used to help heart disease, anxiety, arthritis, dyslexia, and to stimulate the adrenals.

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