Earrings - "Iolite" Faceted Oval #E344

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925 Sterling Silver
0.65cm (w) x 0.8cm (l) x 0.49cm (d)
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This stone carries a beautiful violet-blue energy and is said to provide a direct link to the soul. It can activate, clear, and open the 3rd eye chakra, stimulating one’s psychic visions and communication with the higher vibratory realms. It balances the male and female aspects of ones character, bringing harmony into all relationships. It allows one to be present and to seize the moment and enjoy it. It is a stone of visionary art, allowing for individuality and creative expression, hence being particularly useful for writers, artists and singers. It can calm an over-active mind and is great for use in meditations. Iolite can provide clarity and help one understand their destiny. Physically, it can enhance the liver, relieve the symptoms of fevers, improve eyesight, help with insomnia and rid the body of toxins.


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