Earrings - "Eudialyte" Cabachon Teardrop #E95

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Product Code E95
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Crystal Eudialyte
Dimensions 1cm (w) x 1.5cm (l) x 0.5cm (d)
Origin Greenland
Warranty Lifetime manufacturing guarantee on workmanship


Eudialyte is a rare mineral that is found only in Greenland, Russia and Canada.  Ranging from pink to red to reddish brown, it is made up of sodium, calcium, cerium, iron, manganese, yttrium, and zirconium.  This wonderful stone can be used for self-healing and is a great emotional balancer.  It opens the heart chakra to allow for abundance, love, acceptance and allow one to realise their true destiny.  It helps to eliminate any fears and doubts about one’s self-worth and allows one to fully love and accept their physical body.  Eudialyte can identify one’s gifts they have come to Earth to share and help one’s efforts in fulfilling their life paths.  The black inclusions that are sometimes found in this crystal help purify any negative energy as well as provide psychic protection to the user.  Physically, it can be a great help to stabilize disorders of the nervous system such as MS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  It is also great for premature infants and critically ill children.


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