Crystal - "Vanadinite" #494

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Crystal Vanadinite
Dimensions 3.6cm (w) x 2.9cm (l) x 2.3cm (h)
Weight 25g
Origin Morocco
Product Code #494

Vanadanite is a very rare mineral that is found in secondary lead deposits and combines lead, vanadium, oxygen and chlorine.  It can promote order in one’s life, helping to define your goals in an organized manner.  It helps one to conserve one’s energy or money hence being a great stone for those who have a tendency to overspend.  It allows one to see the beauty in all things and people.  It encourages playfulness, creativity and curiosity.  It can allow one to break free from their expectation and strict regimes.  Vanadanite can facilitate the mental process, filling the vacancy between thought and intelligence and also provide for a deep state of meditation, allowing the mind to be entirely ‘void of course’.  It is a great stone to stimulate creative energies and also great for use in manifestation.  Physically, it can help protect against radiation, respiratory disorders and disorders of the bladder.

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