Crystal - "Tourmaline (Brown)" #518

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Crystal Brown Tourmaline
Dimensions 2.8cm (w) x 2.5cm (l) x 2.4cm (h)
Weight 24g
Origin Brazil
Product Code #518


Brown Tourmaline is also known as ‘Dravite’ and is a dark brown colour.  It has a strong grounding property much like the other Tourmalines and is therefore especially useful after any spiritual work with the higher realms for reconnection with Earth.  This crystal is energetically very cleansing and allows one to release old emotional problems that have been holding them back.  It helps to bring the shadow side of oneself to consciousness, bringing peace and acceptance.  It helps improve self-esteem, self-love, practicality and emotional stability.  Physically, it helps improve stamina and any conditions of the reproductive organs.


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