Crystal - "Shungite" Generator #1175

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Crystal Shungite
Dimensions 2.2cm (w) x 2.6cm (l) x 8.65cm (h)
Weight 76g
Origin Russia
Product Code #1175


Only found in Russia, it is one of the most amazing new healing stones ever discovered. It is the only mineral in nature that contains “Fullerenes” which can be used in medicine as anti-oxidants. It is a hard, amorphous, coal-like material which is composed of 98% carbon and was formed over 2 billion years ago. It is a mystery as to how this formed as there were no vast forests at that time to eventually form the carbon deposits. Regarded as the “Wonder Stone”, it eliminates and absorbs everything that imposes a hazard to all beings. Place it in any environment and you will feel the space cleared of any negative energies. It shields one from EM radiation from electronics such as mobiles, TV’s and laptops. It can ease headaches, boost the immune system, ease stomach and general aches and pains and help with stress relief.

A Generator crystal has a single termination tip with 6x facets joining together to create the apex. Generators have the ability to unblock, cleanse and energise energy in the Chakras, the Aura and the acupuncture Meridians of the body. They are great for use in Meditation as they promote clarity and concentration whilst in Healings, they can help amplify the healing energy from one's hands and ground that energy into the client. Generators are often used in many group healings, humanity healing and Earth healings as they help channel and direct the energy and thoughts of the group in a manner similar to an antenna. Physically, they can stimulate the healing of any dis-ease by directing energy into the area of imbalance and disharmony.


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