Crystal - "Quartz (Sulphur)" Point #216

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Crystal Sulphur Quartz Point
Dimensions 2.9cm (w) x 2.2cm (l) x 9cm (h)
Weight 103g
Origin Brazil
Product Code #215

This crystal works on the Solar plexus chakra, bringing about optimism, light and transformation.  It helps one remain calm, adaptable and patient so one can deal with the reality of the situation.  Because it holds a negative charge, it can also effectively detoxify and get rid of any negativity in the body and the environment, allowing you to move forward with energy, purpose and protection.  Sulphur Quartz is an excellent stone for manifesting your desires hence having this stone close to your aura will help attract new opportunities and abundance into your life.  It can also provide clarity and emotional stability which can be useful for meditation, study and stress relief.  It can enhance dream recall and communications with your guides as well.  Physically, it has been used in the treatment of fevers, infections, colds, skin disorders, joint pain and swelling.

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