Crystal - "Quartz (Spirit)" #1418

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Crystal Spirit Quartz
Dimensions 2.11cm (w) x 2.24cm (l) x 5.4cm (h)
Weight 27g
Origin South Africa
Product Code #1418

Also known as ‘Cactus Quartz’, Spirit Quartz displays an unusual growth pattern where the central body is surrounded by small terminated points. Most Spirit Quartz is Amethyst but some are Citrines and whitish Quartz. Found in South Africa, they are great stones to merge the current self with the Higher Self, allowing one to manifest ideas into physical reality and understand the wisdom and knowledge that it carries. It assists one into spiritual balance and harmony, bringing together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies into alignment. It is a great stone for those who are self-centered, egotistical and anti-social because it encourages co-operation and self sacrifice for the good of all. It is also useful in healings because it allows treatments to be more effective and longer lasting.

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