Crystal - "Quartz (Clear)" Phantom #192

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Crystal Phantom Quartz
Dimensions 2.5cm (w) x 1.8cm (l) x 6.5cm (h)
Weight 55g
Origin Brazil
Product Code #192

Clear Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal which is found on every continent of the Earth.  It is one of the most abundant, most versatile and multidimensional stones in the mineral realm.  It is able to receive, activate, store, transform, transmit, and amplify energy.  Placing a cluster in a room can transmit healing energies and help amplify the existing energy in the room.  It is an excellent protection stone and can assist in providing clarity and emotional stability which can be especially useful for meditation, study, and stress relief.  It cleanses, enhances, and protects the aura and also activates and clears the energy centers of the body.  It can be used to enhance the communications with your guides and amplify your psychic abilities.  It has also been used for dream recollection if it’s placed under a pillow.  Physically, it stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands, is helpful for the respiratory and immune systems, and stimulates the thymus if worn over the heart.

A phantom crystal is a crystal that has another phantom-looking growth pattern on the inside of the crystal, usually the same shape as the outside of the crystal.  It is caused by a pause in the crystals growth, leaving a partial or complete ‘phantom’ within the crystal after it continued to grow.  Phantoms can be used in meditation to access the shadow side and learn more about the hidden self.  They are stones of perspective and helps the user to recognise their divinity and place in the cosmos.  It also allows us to dissolve negative thought patterns and assist us with soul retrieval.  Phantom quartz crystals are one of the Earth stones to be used for redemption and cleansing the Earth.  Its energy works to bring together the participants of humanity to save the planet.

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