Crystal - "Lepidolite" Chunks ($04-$08)

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CRYSTAL Lepidolite
$04.00 2.5-4cm (w) x 2-3cm (l) x 1.5-3cm (h) 34-39g
$04.50 3-4cm (w) x 2.5-3.5cm (l) x 2-3cm (h) 40-45g
$05.00 3-4cm (w) x 2.5-3.5cm (l) x 2-3cm (h) 46-51g
$05.50 3-4cm (w) x 2.5-3.5cm (l) x 2-3cm (h) 52-57g
$06.00 3-4.5cm (w) x 2.5-3.5cm (l) x 2-3cm (h) 58-63g
$06.50 3.5-4.5cm (w) x 3-4cm (l) x 2.5-3.5cm (h) 64-69g
$07.00 3.5-4.5cm (w) x 3-4cm (l) x 2.5-3.5cm (h) 70-75g
$07.50 3.5-4.5cm (w) x 3-4cm (l) x 2.5-3.5cm (h) 76-81g
$08.00 3.5-4.5cm (w) x 3-4cm (l) x 2.5-3.5cm (h) 82-87g

This stone appears as a pink, purplish, lavender colour. Due to its lithium content, it is useful for balancing one’s emotions and calming the mind. It eases hyperactivity and attention deficits and helps children with sensitive emotional needs. Known as the “stone of transition”, it allows one to let go of old thought patterns and move forward in life, hence a great stone for rebirthing and eliminating addictive behaviours. It also alleviates negative emotions such as stress, anger, self-hatred and depression. It opens up the heart chakra, promoting self-love and love for all others. It helps those with anxiety about the future and the unknown, allowing them to be more present and to trust in the universe. It aids digestion, relieves stress-related disorders, calms the nervous system and helps with heart disorders.


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