Crystal - "Lemurian" Twin #164

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CRYSTAL Lemurian Twin + Barnacle
6.5cm (w) x 15.7cm (l) x 5cm (h)

These crystals are predominately found in Brazil and are a special variety of Quartz.  They display ‘ladder-like’ horizontal grooves which cross the bodies of the crystals – some also containing triangular blotches along the striations.  They are said to be used for healing and are programmed with ancient wisdom and unconditional love from an ancient civilisation called ‘Lemuria’.  It is believed that the striated lines hold information and when meditated on (as you rub your finger over the lines), you are able to reach the ‘stairway to heaven’ and access the higher spiritual realms for guidance.  Emotionally, Lemurians can open the heart and allow a feeling of ecstasy because it reminds one of the infinite source of unconditional love where we all came from.  It is also very soothing to the soul, giving a sense of wholeness and appreciation of life on Earth. 

Also known as ‘Tantric Twins’, these specialised types of Quartz crystals is the formation of two crystals growing from a common base with separate terminations and parallel growth.  These crystals are known to help one gain insight into any of their relationships issues.  It encourages self-love, balances one’s masculine and feminine energies, and encourages greater self acceptance by helping one connect with their light and shadow sides.  In relationships, they can harmonise the energies of two people by building un-conditional love, encouraging togetherness, cohesion, and common goals.  Twin Quartz crystals have also been known to help attract a soul mate as well as finding one’s life purpose.

A Barnacle crystal is one that is covered partially or entirely with many smaller crystals.  They are essentially a type of mini-cluster and share the properties of clusters.  The larger crystal is considered to be a "wise one" and have a nurturing energy which attracts smaller crystals.  It is believed that a barnacle crystal can help stimulate family or group co-operation.  It can provide insight into issues of trust and dependence.  It can also be a companion when having lost a loved one.  Physically, it can help improve fertility.

This is a rare crystal that has a natural cut diamond face between the body and the tip of a point.  It represents balance and integration and opens a ‘window to our soul’ to take us beyond the illusions so we can get the intuitive answers that we are seeking.  These crystals commonly attract people who are wanting to look deep within, revealing the aspects of themselves that need to be reviewed so they can free themselves from behaviour that prevents them from expressing their divine truth.  Window Quartz can be used for Clairvoyance as it allows one to access the higher Angelic realms and can also be a great tool during meditation because it provides clarity and direction.

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