Crystal - "Lemurian (Smokey)" #172

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Crystal Smokey Lemurian
5cm (w) x 10.8cm (l) x 5cm (h)
Weight 322g
Origin Brazil
Product Code #172


Also known as ‘Lemurians’, these crystals have recently been found in Brazil.  They are a special variety of Quartz that display ‘ladder-like’ horizontal grooves which cross the bodies of the crystals – some also containing triangular blotches along the striations.  They are said to be used for healing and are programmed with ancient wisdom and unconditional love from an ancient civilisation called ‘Lemuria’.  It is believed that the striated lines hold information and when meditated on (as you rub your finger over the lines), you are able to reach the ‘stairway to heaven’ and access the higher spiritual realms for guidance.  Smokey Lemurians help us release negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, grief and guilt and can give us freedom from repetitive negative thought patterns.  It can open the heart and allow a feeling of ecstasy and is also soothing to the soul, giving a sense of wholeness and appreciation of life.  Physically, it is excellent for detoxification of the body, protecting it from radiation and removing all foreign materials.

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