Crystal - "Hiddenite" #587

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Crystal Hiddenite
Dimensions 3.4cm (w) x 1.9cm (l) x 1.2cm (h)
Weight 10.4g
Origin Brazil
Product Code #587

Hiddenite is a yellow-green variety of Spodumene and is a lithium aluminum silicate mineral.  This stone is a master stone for the heart.  It teaches one the power of gratitude and abundance by assisting one in receiving the energy, love and gifts from the Universe and encouraging one to respond with the heartfelt frequency of gratitude.  It is great for those who have difficulty receiving abundance due to feelings of unworthiness.  It stimulates the heart chakra and allows us to release attachments to past regrets and hurts.  It can also aid recovery from addictions and abuse.  Hiddenite can counter anxiety, stress and fear around one’s finances by stimulating the feelings of bliss.  Physically, it can act as a support for disorders of the heart and hormone imbalances.

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