Crystal - "Fluorite (Purple)" Generator #739

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Crystal Purple Fluorite
Dimensions (Approx.)
2.49cm (w) x 3.29cm (l) x 10.1cm (h)
Weight (Approx.) 181g
Origin Mexico
Product Code #739

Purple fluorite works on the third eye and crown chakras to increase spiritual balance, mystic visions and expressions of the spirit. It also helps to increase our intuition, enhance psychic communication and provide clarity and concentration. Its energies are calming and peaceful and is an excellent stone for meditation as it can take you to the higher levels of awareness necessary for contacting your guides and angels. It can also be great for hyperactive children, easing family tensions and world peace. Physically, it has been used in disorders of the bone and bone marrow, ears, nose colds and flu.

A Generator crystal has a single termination tip with 6x facets joining together to create the apex. Generators have the ability to unblock, cleanse and energise energy in the Chakras, the Aura and the acupuncture Meridians of the body. They are great for use in Meditation as they promote clarity and concentration whilst in Healings, they can help amplify the healing energy from one's hands and ground that energy into the client. Generators are often used in many group healings, humanity healing and Earth healings as they help channel and direct the energy and thoughts of the group in a manner similar to an antenna. Physically, they can stimulate the healing of any dis-ease by directing energy into the area of imbalance and disharmony.

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