Crystal - "Danburite" #84

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Crystal Danburite Twin
Dimensions 9.3cm (w) x 5.2cm (l) x 2.9cm (h)
Weight 185g
Origin Mexico
Product Code #84

Danburite is most often, colourless or white and is made up of calcium borosilicate.  Its name is derived from its original discovery in Danbury, Connecticut, USA.  It is a highly spiritual stone and is one of the highest vibrational minerals currently found.  It activates our intellect and higher consciousness and hence aids in communication with angels and guides.  It is excellent for facilitating change and for leaving the past behind.  It helps to ‘let your light shine’ and allows people to get along as it brings patience and peace of mind.  This stone is a powerful heart chakra stone as it relieves emotional pain and increasing acceptance of one’s self and of others.  Danburite can help activate the heart chakra and bring self-love to the user.  Physically, it assists in removing toxins from the body and facilitate motor capabilities. 

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