Crystal Bracelet - "Jet" Tumbled

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7-10mm (w) x 7-10mm (l) x 7-9mm (d)

Jet is black and is made up of a combination of carbon and hydrocarbon compounds.  This stone can be very calming and used to dispel fearful thoughts and diminish depression.  It is said to be one of the best protection and purification stones around.  It is a neutralizer of negative energies especially when being worn as jewellery.  It can be a powerful purifier of the aura, protecting and clearing one’s energies of disharmonious vibrations.  Jet may also be used to protect one during the pursuit of business and to enhance the stability of ones finances.  Physically, it has been helpful for the treatment of migraine headaches, epilepsy, glandular and lymphatic swelling, stomach pain and colds.


It is recommended that you do not keep the bracelet on while bathing/showering as continual and repetitive contact with water can cause the elastic band to breakdown and/or fray.  Please also be careful with stretching the bracelet as any aggressive force will cause the elastic to snap, much like when you overstretch a rubber band.
Although we make every effort to photograph items accurately and describe our products in detail, we cannot guarantee that every screen will accurately depict the actual colour of the item so very slight variations may occur.
The crystals pictured in these photos should only be used as a guide of the quality, size and colour of what you will be getting.  Every crystal is unique and slightly different so it may or may not be exactly the same as the ones pictured.