Crystal Bracelet - "Epidote Pyrite"

Crystal Bracelet - "Epidote Pyrite"

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Epidote can appear black, dark green, or yellow green in colour.  It can raise the vibration of one’s physical self, helping to lift the emotions and dissolve destructive feelings of sadness, depression, sorrow, grief, and self-pity.  In turn, it generates hope for the future and gives courage for one to pursue their dreams, hence it is especially useful for those who currently feel stuck.  It is a stone that enhances emotional and spiritual growth and it is believed that those drawn to Epidote are usually those that are ready to be rocked forcefully into spiritual awakening.  This crystal also stimulates perception, participation, patience, and personal power.  Physically, it has been known to encourage recovery and regeneration after a severe illness, stimulate the immune system, aid digestion, and support healing.

Pyrite is a common mineral that is brassy-yellow in colour.  It is an Iron Sulfide and is also known as ‘Fool’s gold’ due to its resemblance to Gold.  It occurs in many interesting shapes such as small cubes which create a glistening effect when rotated in the light.  Pyrite is a highly protective stone as it is able to shield you from negative energies from people, places, and objects.  It is helpful when recalling information as it is able to stimulate the intellect.  It allows one to see past the illusion and seeing the truth behind all words and actions.  Pyrite resonates with the energies of the sun and can be joyous and uplifting.  It can be used in the treatment and healing of all bone diseases, disorders of the lungs, and protect against flu and inflammation.


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