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Crystal Bag - Healing Set "Chakras"

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This bag is packed in an organza bag (9cm x 12cm) featuring 7 different crystals:
  • Clear Quartz
  • Sodalite
  • Blue Quartz
  • Green Aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Orange Aventurine
  • Carnelian

These crystal bags make excellent gifts for that special someone when you're stuck on ideas.  On the insides of the description card is blank so you can even write a short message.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal which is found on every continent of the Earth.  It is one of the most abundant, most versatile and multidimensional stones in the mineral realm.  It is able to receive, activate, store, transform, transmit, and amplify energy.  Placing a cluster in a room can transmit healing energies and help amplify the existing energy in the room.  It is an excellent protection stone and can assist in providing clarity and emotional stability which can be especially useful for meditation, study, and stress relief.  It cleanses, enhances, and protects the aura and also activates and clears the energy centers of the body.  It can be used to enhance the communications with your guides and amplify your psychic abilities.  It has also been used for dream recollection if it’s placed under a pillow.  Physically, it stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands, is helpful for the respiratory and immune systems, and stimulates the thymus if worn over the heart.

Sodalite is a chloric sodium aluminum silicate and is named due to its sodium content.  It is primarily blue or grey but can be white due to the inclusion of calcite.  This crystal calms and clears the mind, bringing in clarity and allowing one to arrive at logical conclusions via rational mental processes.  It helps to eliminate confusion and is an excellent stone for use in groups as it provides for fellowship, solidarity, and commonality of goal and purpose.  Sodalite can also be used to enhance truthfulness in emotions, encourage self-esteem and self-trust.  It can help with detachment from the concerns and worries of everyday life, reducing stress and anxiety by allowing one to see their reality from a higher, more serene perspective.  Physically, it is good for the treatment of gland metabolism, digestive disorders, insomnia, and purification of the body.

Blue Quartz
Blue Quartz is formed by the inclusion of tiny blue rutile, tourmaline or zoisite inclusions.  It combines the qualities of the included mineral and further serves to stimulate the throat chakra, allowing one to have clear verbal expression.  It assists one to seek new experiences and relationships by releasing introversion and fear.  It can promote composure and provide comfort during times of stress, allowing one to be independent and uninhibited.  Spiritually, it links the heart and throat chakras and allows for true creativity and self-expression.  Blue Quartz is a great relationship stone, encouraging co-operation, consideration and honesty.  Physically it can aid the heart, lungs, throat and thymus.  It can be good for toxin removal and improving metabolism.

Green Aventurine
Known as the stone of chance and luck, this is an excellent protector of the heart chakra and aids in releasing anxiety, fear and depression.  It stimulates muscle tissue and strengthens the blood.   It encourages love in all relationships, independence, and will help you move on from a limited vision of your capabilities.  It provides optimism and the zest for life, encouraging one to explore the unknown and can be helpful in career changes.  It assists in bringing feelings of emotional tranquility and encourages a confident attitude towards life.  It is a good stone to carry or wear in times of emotional turmoil to assist in balancing.  Physically, it has been used to heal disorders of the heart and circulatory systems and encourages cell repair and regrowth.

Citrine does not hold or accumulate negative energy but dissipates it, working out problems on both physical & subtle levels.  It therefore never needs clearing or cleansing.  It is commonly known as the “Merchant’s stone” and it is said that by placing a cluster or crystal of citrine in the cash drawer, more income is produced for the merchant thus helping him not only to acquire wealth, but also to maintain the state of wealth.  Citrine helps increase our self-esteem, stabilize our emotions, decrease stress, dispel any negative emotions, and allows one to look forward to new beginnings.  Physically, it is good for tissue regeneration, strengthening the kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs and the heart.  It is a great detoxifier and can help clear the aura.

Orange Aventurine
Orange Aventurine provides for comfort and support during times of change and upheaval.  It stimulates and activates the sacral chakra, allowing for emotional and sensual movement in our life, giving feeling and teaching us how to ‘go with the flow’.  It gives passion to have a fantastic appetite for life, physical gratification, emotional fulfillment and creative expression.  Orange Aventurine stabilizes and calms our emotions and relieves us of buried fears, anxiety, and psychosomatic illnesses.  It aids in the development of peace and tranquility and general health and well-being.  It has been known to treat bladder disorders, intestines, anorexia, bulimia, addictions and depression.

Carnelian is an orange-coloured form of chalcedony – a mineral in the quartz family.  This stone activates the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, bringing forth a great influx of life force, sexual and creative energies.  It stimulates our analytical capabilities, precision, inquisitiveness and initiative.   It increases optimism and helps bring clarity hence especially good people who are confused or unfocused.  Carnelian eliminates envy, fear, rage, and sorrow because it’s able to stimulate a deep warmth, love and beauty in all things.  It is a great stone in helping one take action to manifest one’s highest goals and dreams.  Physically, it can help in the treatment of gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies, and colds.



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